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Frequently Asked Questions About Neighbor to Neighbor

  • Who can join? Anyone over the age of 18 with a home address in Union County. A home visit is completed prior to joining to ensure a good fit and that we can meet an individual’s expectations.
  • Can I join for a few months? No, we do not regularly offer short term memberships. If you join and decide after a few months it is not the right fit, you can opt out of the program. Otherwise the expectation is that the membership is annual. An exception to this is our short-term membership program in response to the COVID pandemic.
  • Can I put my membership on hold? Yes. If you decide to put your membership on hold, it will push your renewal date out by that number of months so that you still are invested in a 12-month membership.
  • Can I gift a membership to someone? Yes! We encourage this. We also offer gift certificates available for purchase to give to current members.
  • How many services do I receive per month? 4, but this number is flexible based on need.
  • How far in advance do I need to make a request? We ask for 5 to 7 business days in advance for a request so that we can coordinate with a volunteer. If the request is flexible (not set date or time) this is usually filled faster.
  • Are there different types of memberships? Yes, we have a Support and a Full membership. See the Membership Page for more detail.
  • Are there scholarships or free memberships? We offer scholarships which reduce the annual cost to $60 a year or $5 dollars a month. This is based on availability of scholarship and at the request of the member.
  • What are your office hours? Both UCN2N staff work part time hours. Office hours are currently 10am-1pm Monday-Thursday. You can call at anytime and leave a message. The office is CLOSED on major holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.
  • Does UCN2N have an office? No, we do not. UCN2N operates virtually and uses community meeting spaces for meetings, trainings and events.
  • Is UCN2N part of a larger organization? No, UCN2N is an independent 501c3. We ARE part of the national Village movement and a member of the Village to Village to Network. In 2020 we joined the Greater Columbus Network of Villages. For more information about the national village movement go here:
  • Can UCN2N clean my house or take care of my yard? Volunteers can assist with isolated household tasks and outside projects. Our volunteers DO NOT replace regular lawncare and housekeeping services.