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Union County Neighbor to Neighbor Testimonials and Successes


“Thank you N2N, for everything you do to help seniors out, so we can live in our home comfortably and longer”

A member who lives out in the country with a fair amount of land was concerned about one of her walkways. The gravel was very uneven and it was challenging for her to walk safely on it. Our Service Coordinator reached out to a new volunteer to see if there was a way in which UCN2N could help her. The volunteer had a yard roller and offered to transport it to the member's home and roll the walkway, to make it safer and easier for the member to get around. He completed the project and offered to do it again as needed. This is an excellent example of a way in which a volunteer gave his time and service to make sure the member had a safe environment outside of her home, and a wonderful story of a successful match up.


Calls are made for this month! {Member} said she hasn't talked to anyone for days and I made her evening reaching out. I so enjoy these calls. Brightening someone's day makes it all worth it.”

 “I like Union County Neighbor to Neighbor. Volunteers are very sweet, they fixed my smoke detectors, fixed a jungle gym for my cats and fixed my doorbell.”

 "I love volunteering with Neighbor to Neighbor because I feel like I'm making a difference in my own community. My husband and I like to give to our favorite charities, but you don't usually get to see the direct results of that. With N2N, I'm making a direct contribution to those who need the help. Plus, I love how N2N gives the seniors a sense of independence (as they have told me). They can control what kind of help they get and don't have to always ask friends and family for help. Since I usually do transportation, I also enjoy talking to the ladies and learning about their lives. All in all, it's a very rewarding experience."

 "I enjoy volunteering with Neighbor to Neighbor and offering a service to people who need it most. I really like the flexibility of the model as I can work within my schedule and Tessa is an absolute joy to work with!"

 "I find volunteering with N2N rewarding, especially when it involves taking members to doctors' appointments. My whole career was working with physicians so it is fun for me to touch that aspect of my former job. Also, my parents are of the age that they appreciate it when I can go with them to their doctors' appointments. For members whose families don't live nearby, I hope it is a relief for them to know that their loved ones have an easy way to get to their doctors' appointments."

 “N2N has allowed me to reclaim part of my life.”

 “I have been using neighbor to neighbor since December of 2016. Tessa is very helpful, I find the service very helpful to me. I do not drive and it is very useful. All the volunteers are very nice and I find them very helpful. I am grateful for the services. Two very nice young people have been nice to us as well as the older ones.”

 “I enjoy everything about Neighbor to Neighbor and love that UCN2N matches members with volunteers. I love that N2N calls me once a month to check on me. I have two special volunteers, Jill and Laura, and I consider them friends.”

One of our members requested that a volunteer come out to fix the threshold of her back door as it was messed up and she was afraid she would trip on it. Our volunteer went out to look at it and ended up building her a ramp with a handrail. In addition, this same volunteer also built a makeshift ramp over the outside steps to the porch for her dog who is old and has a hard time with stairs.

 One of our members almost didn't renew last fall because she didn't think she used it enough to get her money's worth, but decided to go ahead with it. This week she wanted to do 5 different errands. I put it out as two requests, but one volunteer did it all in one day. Our member had the BEST time! She loves the volunteer, feels very comfortable with her, and she loved that the volunteer let her spend as much time as she wanted just to go up and down the aisles of the stores. I could tell from her voice that she had a very good time out, which she doesn't get very often. The volunteer also took her inside for coffee when they went to the bank.

“I love volunteering because it makes my heart happy to help someone who needs a little assistance along the way. It’s a way to share my blessings with others.”

“I love it because It’s given me a new purpose that’s enriching my life and my wellbeing...helps keep me active by serving others.”

 “I have loved volunteering for UCN2N. It has enabled me to serve my community in meaningful ways and make new friends along the way.”

 “I love volunteering for UCN2N because it contributes substantially to my life purpose. It brings me not just happiness, but genuine joy of heart, because whatever I can give of my time and talents –however small -- is the whole reason for my being."

 One of our member’s requested a ride to a family member’s funeral out of county- one of our volunteers was able to take her there and back so she could attend.