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Volunteer Refresher Video for How to Sign Up for a Service Request


Volunteer Information

The core function of UCN2N is that when members ask for services (like errands, transportation, outside projects, isolated household tasks and more) to assist them in aging in place, vetted and trained volunteers can be connected to provide that support. UCN2N is gap oriented and often able to fill needs not met by other community agencies. This happens because of the willingness and ability of volunteers to take on less traditional requests.

Volunteers are matched for each request based on their availability, skill set and interest. Volunteers can serve as little or as much as they would like and requests are answered on an as-needed basis, allowing great flexibility for the volunteer.

As a small non-profit, volunteers also assist with administrative tasks. These include activities such as; helping to plan social events, office work, assisting with fundraising and representing UCN2N at community events and info fairs. Members are encouraged to volunteer as they are able.

Volunteers must be over the age of 18 to volunteer independently but we encourage children and families to volunteer together and have a process for teens to volunteer as well. Groups are also encouraged to volunteer with us. For questions about youth or group volunteering please email